Business and Democracy Initiative – Leadership Now Project

Type of Activity: Project
Grantee: Leadership Now Project
Amount: $125,000 in 2022

What is the Leadership Now Project?

Leadership Now Project is a membership organization of business and thought leaders taking action to protect and renew American democracy. The organization is committed to ensuring the United States has a strong democracy and economy by focusing on meaningful research and education, operational excellence, and member value to drive results.

Why do we think this project is important?

The Leadership Now Project works to shift business’ engagement with our democracy to one that consistently strengthens our system. In 2022, the organization worked to create robust and meaningful coalitions of business leaders across the country focused on democracy.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting the Leadership Now Project?

In 2022, Democracy Fund Voice approved a one-year grant of $125,000 to Leadership Now Project to support the Business and Democracy Initiative. Previously in 2021, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant of $100,000 to the Leadership Now Project.