Faith and Public Dialogue

Type of Activity: Grant
Grantee: Faith in Public Life Action Fund
Amount: Up to $886,500 in 2016 – 2017

What is Faith in Public Life Action Fund?

Faith in Public Life Action Fund (FPLAF) is a strategy center that seeks to advance faith in the public square by building coalitions and supporting campaigns through which the faith community can influence public debate. They will engage a diverse group of faith leaders from across the political spectrum in a call to elevate the tenor and quality of public debate, and to foster more civil politics.

Why do we think the project is a good idea?

Faith leaders play a unique role in the lives of many Americans. The unique moral standing of faith leaders has the potential to shape the tenor and tone of the public dialogue and how policy and politics are covered by the media while spreading a message of tolerance and respect to political leaders and the public.

How is Voice supporting the project?

Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant to the Faith in Public Life Action Fund in the amount of up to $886,500 from 2016- 2017.