Strategies for American Muslim Communities

Type of Activity: Grant
Grantee: The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding
Amount: Up to $52,238 in 2016 – 2017

What is the The Institute for Social Policy and Understanding?

The Institute conducts objective, solution-seeking research that empowers American Muslims to further community development and fully contribute to democracy and pluralism in the United States. This grant will support ISPU so that it can provide research support to a convening of a diverse group of leaders and experts to develop strategies to combat fear mongering against the American Muslim community.

Why do we think a convening on Anti-Muslim rhetoric is a good idea?

This project will address the deterioration of civil discourse that is damaging our democracy’s political process. While other groups have joined together to attempt to combat this rhetoric, the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding has unique networks and capacity to help bring together the people who can most effectively address this serious problem.

How is Voice supporting the Convening?

Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant to The Institute for Social Policy Understanding in the amount of up to $52,238 from 2016 – 2017.