Fair Fight Action

Type of Grant: General Operating Support
Grantee: Fair Fight Action
Amount: Updated to $600,000 in 2022

What is Fair Fight Action?

Fair Fight Action is a national 501(c)(4) voting rights organization rooted in Georgia. Fair Fight Action is a unique voting rights organization that brings high-impact, deeply-localized, and sophisticated strategies to make elections free and fair for all. 

Why do we think this organization is important?

This grant provides general support to the organization in its work on national advocacy and amplification of the need for federal voting rights legislation, protecting voting rights through litigation, mitigation of state legislation that seeks to dismantle the right to vote, and supporting efforts to ensure that historically disenfranchised voters and young voters have access to the polls.

Fair Fight Action is an important source of voter education, voter protection, and community organizing to ensure free and fair elections for Georgia voters.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Fair Fight Action?

In 2022 an amendment was approved to increase the amount of the grant by $250,000 for a total of $600,000, with an extension of the grant period through August 2023.

In 2021, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant of $350,000 to Fair Fight Action. A previous grant of $50,000 was approved in 2019.