Congressional Capacity and Reform Project

Type of Activity: Project Grant
Grantee: Issue One
Amount: Updated to $210,000 in 2020, originally approved as $150,000 in 2019 

What is Issue One?

Issue One is the leading cross-partisan political reform group in Washington. They work to unite Republicans, Democrats, and independents in the movement to improve the current political system.

Why do we think this project is important?

Issue One coordinated stakeholders to support reducing political dysfunction, increasing congressional capacity, and advocating for congressional reforms. Issue One convened partners from across the ideological spectrum to broker compromises that for lasting, meaningful congressional reform.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Issue One?

In 2019, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant to Issue One’s Congressional Capacity and Reform project for the amount of $150,000. In 2020, an amendment was approved to increase the amount of the grant by $60,000, for a total of $210,000.