State Divergence & Aggression Project

Type of Activity: Project
Grantee: Our American Future Action
Amount: $75,000 in 2023

What is Our American Future Action?

Our American Future Action is a 501(c)4 that advocates for creating good paying jobs, lowering the costs of prescription drugs, improving access to healthcare, investing in the clean energy economy and strengthening U.S. democracy.

Why do we think this project is important? 

Our American Future Action’s work includes a project that aims to assess and better understand two trends in state-level governance in the United States: the increasing divergence of state-level policies and the ways in which states are using their own policies to leverage power outside their borders. How we understand these trends will be crucial to our collective ability to strengthen democracy and weaken authoritarianism.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Our American Future Action

In 2023, Democracy Fund Voice approved a one-year grant of $75,000 to Our American Future Action to support their State Divergence & Aggression Project.