Mobilizing for the Rule of Law

Type of Activity: Project Grant
Grantee: Public Citizen
Amount: $450,000 in 2019

What is Public Citizen?

Founded in 1971, Public Citizen champions the public interest and serves as the people’s voice in the nation’s capital. Public Citizen defends democracy and works to ensure that our government works for the people. 

Why do we think this project is important?

Public Citizen’s project on government oversight works to expose corruption and push back against threats to justice, a functional democracy, freedom, and equality. As part of this mission, Public Citizen is a key leader in a diverse coalition of groups mobilizing to protect the rule of law.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Public Citizen?

In 2019, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant to Public Citizen in the amount of $450,000 to support their project to protect the rule of law.