Fight Back Table Action

Type of Activity: Project
Grantee: Fight Back Table Action
Amount: $475,000 in 2020

What is the Fight Back Table Action?

Fight Back Table Action (FBT), a fiscally sponsored project of Tides Advocacy, is a multi-racial movement coalition of civil rights organizations, activist networks, and organizing networks. The Democracy Defense Coalition, a project of Fight Back Table Action, coordinated advocacy and communications work done to prepare voters for an unprecedented election, expose voter suppression efforts, and ensure officials commit to counting every vote.

Why do we think this project is important?

Fight Back Table Action’s scenario planning allowed coalition partners to engage their members in strategy development and preparation for various contested election scenarios. With the unpredictable consequences of COVID-19 affecting voting, in addition to the misinformation and disinformation circulated among popular sources of information, and regular voter suppression tactics, there was a very real need to prepare for potential violence or voter intimidation aimed at communities of color on Election Day. Fight Back Table Action worked with other organizations to coordinate analysis and planning across organizing networks, major institutional actors, activist networks, and civil rights groups.

These networks offered critical national leadership voices, a wide range of relationships, millions of willing volunteers, and authentic connections to leading state organizations, particularly in the communities of color most affected by an election crisis.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Fight Back Table Action?

In 2020, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant of $475,000 to Fight Back Table Action.