Diversifying the Federal Bench

Type of Activity: General Operating Support
Grantee: Demand Justice
Amount: $200,000 in 2021

What is Demand Justice?

Founded in 2018, Demand Justice is a 501(c)4 organization that aims to restore the ideological balance and legitimacy of the federal courts by advocating for reforms that improve the trust in and legitimacy of the courts.

Why do we think this organization is important?

The courts play an essential role in protecting the rule of law and serving as a check on the executive and legislatives branches. To play this role effectively, the judiciary must be seen as trusted and legitimate in the eyes of the public. Reforming the courts by diversifying the bench, preventing ethical violations, improving the structure of federal courts and more are critical aspects of improving trust and legitimacy.

Demand Justice works toward these goals by building a diverse pipeline of talent into the federal judiciary. By supporting those from diverse backgrounds, Demand Justice aims to shift the makeup of the federal bench to be more representative of the legal profession as a whole.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Demand Justice?

In 2021, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant for $200,000 to support Demand Justice. In 2022, an amendment was approved to change the grant type from project support to general operating support.