Defend Democracy Action Project

Type of Activity: Project
Grantee: Defend Democracy Action Project
Amount: $350,000 in 2022

What is the Defend Democracy Action Project?

The Defend Democracy Action Project (DDAP), a fiscally sponsored project of the North Fund, is dedicated to ensuring that Americans, members of the media,  and policymakers fully understand the work of the House Select Committee on January 6 and its investigation into efforts to undermine free and fair elections. To advance this mission, DDAP works as a communications hub and coalition effort to help educate audiences on threats posed by any and all efforts to undermine U.S. elections.

Why do we think this project is important?

Through educational messaging, press engagement, and validators and partners work, the Defend Democracy Action Project will help the public better understand the findings of the House Select Committee on January 6. DDAP will help disseminate a clear and objectively truthful accounting of the committee’s findings and will contextualize how those findings have implications for the health of our democracy. Ultimately, this work will develop important narratives about the importance of the rule of law, free and fair elections, and impartial governing institutions.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting the Defend Democracy Action Project? 

In 2022, Democracy Fund Voice approved a six-month grant of $350,000 to support the Defend Democracy Action Project.