Arizona State University: 2018 Language Access Convening

Type of Activity: Project 
Grantee: Arizona State University
Amount: $60,000 in 2018

What is the 2018 Language Access Convening?

The annual Language Access for Voters Summit, hosted by Arizona State University, brings together election officials, advocates, and other experts to share ideas, techniques, and resources – all in service of meeting the needs of voters for whom English is a second language or those who simply prefer to communicate in a language other than English.

Why do we think this event is important?

This convening brings together multiple stakeholders around the issue of language access in elections. Legitimate election outcomes are predicated on a process that is free and fair for all qualified citizens. Accommodating different language needs is essential to ensure that elections are free in fact, and not just in theory.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Arizona State University?

In 2018, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant to Arizona State University in the amount of $60,000.