Type of Activity: Project
Grantee: TrollBusters
Amount: $120,000.00 in 2022

What is TrollBusters?

TrollBusters is a just-in-time rescue service for women writers and journalists experiencing online harassment. A fiscally-sponsored project of Media Innovation Collaboratory Inc., TrollBusters provides online pest control for journalists by providing awareness, training, consulting and other supports to individual journalists and media organizations to mitigate the impact of online harassment and threats.

Why do we think this project is important?

TrollBusters provides online monitoring of dangerous actors who may pose a threat to journalists’ livelihoods and lives. They provide trainings for newsrooms, act proactively and reactively in response to instances of online harassment, and support individual journalists through individualized services and free resources on digital health and wellness.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Trollbusters?

In 2022, Democracy Fund Voice approved a one-year grant of $120,000 to support TrollBusters. In 2020, Democracy Fund Voice approved a grant of $110,000 to TrollBusters. In 2021 an amendment was approved to increase the amount of the grant by $105,000 for a total of $215,000.