Defending Democracy Together

Type of Activity: General Operating and Project Grant.
Grantee: Defending Democracy Together
Amounts: Up to $500,000 over one year. Up to $100,000 over one year.

What is Defending Democracy Together?

Defending Democracy Together is a new 501(c)4 organization for conservatives committed to defending democracy and preserving the rule of law — well-established values rooted in the Constitution of the United States.

Why do we think this organization is important?

Democracy Fund Voice is committed to supporting voices across the political spectrum who stand up for our democratic norms and institutions. We believe that checks and balances and the rule of law are essential features of our constitutional system that help protect against abuses of power. Defending Democracy Together works to create space for conservatives to voice support to defend democratic norms, institutions, and ideals based on a constitutional and moral mandate. Founded by Bill Kristol, Sarah Longwell, Linda Chavez, and Mona Charen, Defending Democracy Together pursues its mission by creating campaigns and coalitions such as Republicans for the Rule of Law.

How is Democracy Fund Voice supporting Defending Democracy Together?

In 2018, Democracy Fund Voice approved two grants to Defending Democracy Together: first in the amount of up to $100,000 over one year and then in the amount of up to $500,000 over one year.