Democracy Fund Voice is a young, nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping America build a stronger, healthier democracy. Like our sister organization, the Democracy Fund, we are working to ensure our political system is responsive to the public and able to meet the greatest challenges facing our nation.

Advocacy is an important part of our work. Democracy Fund Voice invests in ideas and organizations that encourage civic engagement, improve the quality of election administration, foster transparency, and promote effective governance in Washington and our state capitals.

As Democracy Fund Voice continues to define and expand its work, and express its commitment to transparency, we will add to this site and share our plans.

The Latest:

Letter to Oppose House Resolution 634: the Election Assistance Commission Termination Act – Democracy Fund Voice urges Congress to oppose this bill, which will put an end to the indispensable work of the Election Assistance Commission. The EAC acts as a liaison between the states and the federal government, provides federal agencies, states, and the public with national election data and trends, and serves a vital role in setting voting equipment standards. We urge Congress to support the ongoing existence of this small but effective group of public servants.

Strangers No More: Welcoming Immigrants Makes America Stronger – Democracy Fund Voice President Joe Goldman responds to this week’s Executive Order on Immigration and shares findings from our Stranger in My Own Country project, the first step in our effort to promote better understanding in a diverse country.

New Research Offers Insights into the Rise of Populism and Nativism in America – New research from a Republican-led group of researchers at Democracy Fund Voice found that the recent rise in populism and nativism among voters is driven by feelings of disaffection and alienation from America’s core institutions and culture. However, the research offers hope that exposure to messages on pride and unity in America can create significant movement in key attitudes among these voters.